Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Srisol - What Is Coil Coating?

Coil coating is the process in which metal is coated with substances such as polyesters, epoxies, water-born emulsions, fluorocarbons, dry lubricants etc before it is lubricated. Before coating the coil it is first cleaned and is observed for any defects in it. Brushes are used in cleaning the coil. It can be done in different ways such as electroplating, electro less plating, conversion of chemical and electrochemical, cladding, vapor deposition etc. In electroplating the coil is coated with other metal. Such as brass metal is plated with steel or other metal. Plating makes the coil last for a long period of time the same procedure is used for Packaging & Coating.

Coil Coating prevents the metal coil from getting corroded. Coil of a stainless steel is an example for coil plating. This is widely used in Industrial Coating. Several parts of the machines are made through this process. This business is providing the requirements to customers in the architectural transport and furniture. It is gaining more importance in architectural field. It is becoming the most important need for the latest technologies and discoveries. The quality of the metal gets totally changed and it gets improved as per the corrosion effect is concerned.

There many industries working in this field and are gaining more benefit and profit. When a coil is coated it becomes water resistance. There is no effect of water on the coil and it sustains in all types of climatic conditions. This process provides great help in the latest inventions in different ways in different fields.

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